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hello everypony :) equestriaworld accept all kings of artwork! we need some :iconpointsplz:
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 16, 2012


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Fan Club

756 Members
710 Watchers
46,780 Pageviews
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Rules, Facebook


What is acceptable.

1- Submit to correct folder.
2- mature art.
3- oc's
4- fan-fics and etc.
5- all is aceptable.
6- bad quality and good quatily is acceptable.

what we do not accept.

1- stoled artwork
2- submitions to wrong folder.
3- mature art without a mature tag.

in this group we accept everything, you can submit on correct folder! only!

Why should I join this group!?

This is the perfect group for any brony to share his or her art work, talk about My Little Pony, share stories and anything My Little Pony related. Find other bronies. And submit your artwork to the gallery!

How do I join?

Simple! At the top of this page there is a join button. Click it! and wait for approval stage.

What is a brony?

A brony is any My Little Pony fan who is not a child. A brony can be male or female but includes the word bro as a tribute to all the older males who watch My Little Pony.

How to I help this amazing Group?

Well we are glad you have asked.Just donate here and help our group become super

Can my group affiliate with yours?

Of Course! We embrace all with a nice warm welcome here in Equestria. Please send us an offer and we will respond right away!

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Gallery Folders

I Don't Know Where I Should Post This
Finished YCH \27\ by AiriniBlock
Finished YCH \28\ by AiriniBlock
CSMM: Button Mash as Tingle by Eli-J-Brony
Aloysius' bath by Porygon2z
Sad Wittle Appul by AssasinMonkey
Midnight Tears by timeblitz
Twilight n Cake MLP movie art by alexmakovsky
Rainbow Dash Power - Eq Girls and Pony by liniitadash23
Antagonists and Reformed Villains
:Patreon Commission: Sunset Shimmer by NekoCrispy
Blackest and Brightest by StellarWay
My Little Sunny by Katakiuchi4U
The artist by Madacon
Background ponies
bubbles by Aelwyng
MLP - Octavia sleeping by RingTeam
Best Buds = Best Hugs! by PoneBooth
Dinky Little Licks by DinkyUniverse
Base 1 please stop doing that by Uponia
Equestria Girls Eating Cake Base by Eli-J-Brony
Mlp Base F2U by Blu3-Serp3nt
Canon Families and Siblings
Something in the way she moves by Katakiuchi4U
Pear Butter and Bright Mac by BronyCooper
Passionate kiss by kruszyna25
Perfect Pear by Colourstrike
4koma Friday - Progress by luminaura
MLP:FIM The Angel Ponies take Manehattan by NoOriginalThought
Why Me!? - 106 by Gutovi-kun
ES: A(pple)ffection! 022 by EStories
LET'S GO PARTY! by VivienneCorner
Okey-Dokey-Lokey! by VivienneCorner
Come on, everypony: Smile, Smile, Smile! by VivienneCorner
Vinyl Scratch DJ PON3 cosplay by grimnir11
Still an Apple by AssasinMonkey
Flutterbats (kitten-sized plushies) by LanaCraft
Vinyl Scratch LIFE-SIZE plushie by LanaCraft
Howdy by Eskerata
Crossovers and Ponification
Commission: The Little Equestria Girl by Niban-Destikim
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Cutie Mark Crusaders on Mountain by Psyxofthoros
Equestria Girls
Cowgirl Twilight by aqua-pony
Equestrian Royalty
Bang Bang Meme by skyscraper6
Fanfictions and Stories
Pandemic, ASGeek2012 by amalgamzaku
Flash Games
MLP: EG - Pinkie Pie Dress-Up by GamingGoru
G1, G2, G3, Ponies
Totsy's Fun Cave by KarRedRoses
Humanized and Anthro
Rarity (LinkinParkFan420 Commission) by JonFawkes
Sitting Icon Nr 12 - (Part 6/6) by Kushell
Journal Entries and Reviews
MLP FiM: S7 E13: The Perfect Pear Review by Cuddlepug
Mane 6 and spike
Friendship is still Magic! by dennyvixen
Mature content
A Clean Friendship by Shinta-Girl
Minor Characters Supporting Roles
Bic Mac Nightmare night costume by TheKrakenIndustries
Crossed The Line by Flicker-Show
Ace Pones by XenaLollie
Sonic and Dashie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
The Wonderbolts
Soarin' Chubs! by FrogAndCog
Two or more Ponies
New Friend by Asika-Aida
Vectors, Resources, Pony Creator Avatars
Shes even cute when laying down by Porygon2z

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Recent Journal Entries

sorry bronies and pegasisters, i´ve been studying a lot and i lost my tablet.
so its been so long, anyway i had changed the group rules, now it takes too much longer to expire and all members can only submit 3 artworks per day.
we need more co founders to help me, i´m studying to become a lawyer soo.. sometimes i will be soo busy to take care of the group, everypony is welcome to become a co founder.
now im back with my work, i got a new tablet and i will keep the group manege, but i need help, i cant take care of the group on my own and, the other co founders too.
If you want to help me and the other co founders who still working here, just comment here.

well, i decide to control the submition requests, we will never judge artwork by quality, but controling the artwork submitions will be easy for me and the other co founders and contributors.

sorry for my bad english.
PLEASE submit your art to the right folder.

Hello, I am a new admin for this group, and I will be helping :iconbeatrizflandes: manage this group. I was looking at some suggestions that have been made in the past, and one of them mentioned that this group had too many folders, and that the admins should reduce the number of folders to make submission easier for both admins and members. Upon examining the issue, I found that this group's gallery could use a bit of organization. Here are the changes:

-The folders have been put into alphabetical order to make gallery navigation and submission easier.

-The art from the "Couples" folder has been moved to the "Shipping" folder; art from the "Couples" folder that did NOT CONTAIN SHIPPING was moved to the "Two or More Ponies" folder. It didn't make sense to have a folder for couples if we already have a folder for both shipping and groups of ponies.

-The art from "Derpy Hooves" and "Dinky Doo" have been moved to the "Background Ponies" folder to keep our folder lineup uncluttered.

-Art from the "Trixie" and "Queen Chrysalis" folders have been moved to "Antagonists and Reformed Villains."

-Art from "Spitfire" was moved to "Wonderbolts," seeing as how it didn't make sense to give Spitfire her own folder while leaving the other Wonderbolts out.

-Shipping artwork from various folders has been moved to "Shipping."

-A folder for the CMC has been created, and the art from "Sweetie Belle," "Scootaloo," and "Applebloom" have been moved to the folder to keep our folder lineup uncluttered.

-All pony art from "Applejack," "Pinkie Pie," "Fluttershy," "Rainbow Dash," "Twilight Sparkle," "Rarity," and "Spike" have been moved to "Mane 6 and Spike" to keep the folder lineup uncluttered. Human/anthro art from those folders have been moved to their respective folder.

-The art in "Featured" has been moved.
Actually i'm working alone here, no admins only me... i dont know what happend to the not sure if im the only one here...

a lot of expired submissions and a lot of troubles, i'm sorry for that, i can't take care of the group alone soo... i will accept only 10 more co-founders and 10 contributors to help me and the group.

who want's to become admin, please talk to me!
a lot of works were expired and some deviants left the group, i feel really bad about this, sorry...

if something is wrong, you don't have to leave the group, just go to my homepage and tell me what is happening...
More Journal Entries


My Little Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku by VIIStar
A Living Legend - Canvas by Camsy34
BEATHOOF! by XenoNovus
Vinyl Scratch by ShinodaGE
Mature content

Mature Content

Operation Ponyville by AC-whiteraven

Mature Content

deviantart in a nutshell by ImperfectChimera

Mature Content

founder Submitons
baby pinkie pie by BiaApplePie
Admins submitions
Member submitions
Alicorn Twilight by Music-S-Brush
Reluctant Huggles by Daedric-Pony
Surprise Firefly by ZantyARZ
Panel Play 31 by Bukoya-Star


My Little Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku by VIIStar My Little Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku :iconviistar:VIIStar 3,506 431 A Living Legend - Canvas by Camsy34 A Living Legend - Canvas :iconcamsy34:Camsy34 353 50 BEATHOOF! by XenoNovus BEATHOOF! :iconxenonovus:XenoNovus 2 2 Vinyl Scratch by ShinodaGE Vinyl Scratch :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 997 83 The Secret Unicorn Hideout by Bryal The Secret Unicorn Hideout :iconbryal:Bryal 216 72 Eric Hansen vs King Sombra by Neutron-Quasar Eric Hansen vs King Sombra :iconneutron-quasar:Neutron-Quasar 42 17 Human Fluttershy by mare-itime Human Fluttershy :iconmare-itime:mare-itime 15 11 Imperium by Equestria-Prevails Imperium :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 1,658 192 Sweetie Belle by NyonHyon Sweetie Belle :iconnyonhyon:NyonHyon 256 22 And the Best Pet Won by Huussii And the Best Pet Won :iconhuussii:Huussii 3,049 160 Photo Whoovy by saturnspace Photo Whoovy :iconsaturnspace:saturnspace 1,106 39 Time Changes Us All by SynCallio Time Changes Us All :iconsyncallio:SynCallio 1,107 78 Vinyl Scratch Plushie by Azedo Vinyl Scratch Plushie :iconazedo:Azedo 44 30 Rarity Plushie by Azedo Rarity Plushie :iconazedo:Azedo 7 2 Mornings by steffy-beff Mornings :iconsteffy-beff:steffy-beff 871 84 Shed.MOV Fluttershy cosplay by Tenori-Tiger Shed.MOV Fluttershy cosplay :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 1,753 187



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